winter prep

I've put together what i feel is an amazing package and great value to keep your vehicle protected all winter long, and will keep you safer on the road with a real glass coating that willl last years unlike most consumer products that will last untill you use your wipers. 

Wheels, fender wells, tires, calipers, and barrels are cleaned with specific soap/ cleaner to remove brake dust and road grime

Doors, trunk, hood jamb, and inner gas door area cleaned with a paint friendly cleaner and wiped down.

Bugs, road tar and debris, are removed using paint friendly chemicals

All painted surfaces are washed with deionized water and optimum no rinse solution, to remove all loose debris,


Bonded contaminants, and paint rubbed smooth with clay to enhance paint clarity and smoothness, all excess water remove with air blower


Exterior trim and rubber cleaned and protected with conditioner to prevent premature fading and cracking

3-6 month premium sealant is hand applied to protect painted surfaces

Final wipe down with hybrid hydrophobic detail spray for added shine and protection

Your choice windshield only or all vehicle glass coated with a premium glass coating, backed by a 3 year warranty

(STARTING: ( $175 - $225  $125 - $175 )




Quantum detailing started with passion, fear of drive thru car washes, and not trusting anyone with my vehicles. It turned into an art. A way for me to showcase my attention to detail, bringing vehicles to their highest potential, its a great feeling, 

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  • Exterior Coatings

  • Regular maintenance

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"Fully mobile" your vehicle gets detailed wherever is most convenient for you. "within reason"

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