Winter Protection

Providing additional protection for your vehicle in the wintertime is vital to maintaining the paint especially, but also the wheels and glass. Snow and ice, and the scraping it takes to remove them, can be as rough on your vehicle as they are on you. This article will walk you through a few procedures that will give your vehicle just what it needs to weather the winter storm.

The Paint:

Two words: road salt. Salt used to de-ice the roads can also de-paint your vehicle if you’re not careful. A quality paint coating, wax or sealant combined with correct maintenance will get your paint finish through the chilly months.

Paint Coatings:

Your best bet for winter paint protection is a paint coating because they last longer than your typical paint sealant (some coatings last up to 5 years!), require less reapplications, and need minimal maintenance. Not many people have the right set-up for a full on car wash throughout the winter, and protecting your paint with a paint coating makes it easier to keep clean

Paint Sealants:

The downside of using a paint coating is the amount of prep work required for the coating to perform best. Often claying, compound, and polishing are some of the steps required. If you are not interested in that much prep work, we would recommend a paint sealant. The next best method of protection, synthetic paint sealants feature better durability (some paint sealants provide protection for up to 8 months) than traditional carnauba waxes, less maintenance, and easy application. WindWindow Coatings:Ice, snow, rain and sleet will repel off of your vehicles glass while driving in harsh winter weather. Seeing clearer can make all of the difference when driving in these dangerous conditions by treating your vehicle, ice will have a more difficult time gripping in the natural pores of your glass making removal a breeze. A treated windshield will also benefit from faster defrosting times.

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