GlassParency Products, Inc. is a global manufacturer based in the Northeastern region of the United States. Our flagship product is a hydrophobic glass coating for automotive windshields which increases driver safety by repelling water, reducing glare and enhancing the overall performance of the glass. Backed by a 3 year warranty

After years of extensive testing  in both the field and scientific laboratories, GlassParency’s patented technology has proven to be superior to our competitors’ glass treatment products. Our forward-thinking management team has developed and expanded our product line to include the treatments of:

  • Architectural Glass

  • Marine Glass

  • Commercial Transportation

  • Heavy Equipment

  • Residential Glass / Granite

  • Solar Panels

  • And Many More!




Quantum detailing started with passion, fear of drive thru car washes, and not trusting anyone with my vehicles. It turned into an art. A way for me to showcase my attention to detail, bringing vehicles to their highest potential, its a great feeling, 

  • Interior and Exterior 

  • Interior 

  • Exterior 

  • Exterior Coatings

  • Regular maintenance

  • Extras/ Add-ons

"Fully mobile" your vehicle gets detailed wherever is most convenient for you. "within reason"

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